Water / Oil Immersion Heaters

Oil Immersion Heaters

The range of oil immersion heating elements offered by us is used for pure oil requirements. These are constructed using sheath steel tube, thermostat  pocket, precision engineered flanges, cap and other components and are constructed to meet the requirements of Fuel oil heating, oil jacketed vessels and others.


‘U’ Shaped tubes brazed in brass or MS Flange or BSPT available in 1.25″ BSPT, 1.5″ BSPT, 2″, BSPT & 2.5″ BSPT. Also can be welded on flanges in various sizes

* Chrome Nickel Steel sheathing is available for heating vegitable oil and other industrial applications.


* For fuel oil heating, oil circulating, for systems which supply hot oil to plastic processes oil jacketted kettles and similar equipments.

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